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Includes: Coat, jacket, skirt (with belt and bow), hat, neck belt, gloves
Material: Uniform cloth
Net Weight: 1.50kg
Shipping Weight: 1.70kg
Shown Color: Sapphire blue and red
Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach
Features: The dress is of good quality, we choose good cloth to make it. enjoy yourself in the party.
Character Introduction: Sheryl Nome is known as the “Galactic Fairy”, Sheryl Nome is a pop idol from Macross Galaxy fleet who constantly tops music charts, leading people to say that it was impossible not to hear her songs if you lived in this galaxy.[5] As such, her popularity was soaring just as high in the Galaxy’s sister fleet, Macross Frontier. Due to her beauty and singing talent, she is a very proud and self-assured person.[5] Sheryl recognizes the singing talent of Ranka Lee and often offers to help her ‘behind the scenes’ to realize her dream of singing.

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